There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

- Beverly Sills

Gallery - Sacred Planet Series

The Sacred Planet Series was inspired by a set of photographs taken in the Perth Natural History Museum. The reflections from the glass cases lent an eerie quality to the pictures, as if the inhabitants of the cases were literally vanishing into thin air. Once I recognized the symbolic potential of these images I set out to photograph additional plants and animals in other museums, including the Field Museum in Chicago.

My photographs are digitally printed on cloth using - a print on demand source. Mirror imaging generates intricate designs where, ironically enough, the subjects are again easily lost in the elaborate, overall patterning. This series is composed of fifteen panels, each of which is a collage of digitally printed fabrics, dyed and over-printed with map and weather imagery - a comment on our human effort to organize and understand the world around us. How often do our human systems work against the graceful patterns of the natural world?

In order to sustain the planet, we must acknowledge the sacred balance between what is seen and unseen, what is close-up and what is far away. Living creatures contribute to this sacred balance and must not be permitted to vanish from our global home.

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